Floris Lisabeth, Jeff Paredis, Thomas Uwents, Roos Vandebergh and Hanne Vleugels study at the UHasselt. Last week they won the finals of the Jong Voka Gen Z award, a prestigious competition for student-entrepreneurs, with Shampop, the company they founded as student-entrepreneurs, which earned them a prize pool of 25,000 euros. Shampop developed a tablet that turns into a shampoo on contact with water. This immediately produces the right amount of shampoo in one’s hand to lather the hair deliciously. Because the tablets are packaged in reusable materials, this can significantly reduce the waste heap of the packaging. Especially hotel chains are interested, because in this way they can replace their plastic bottles sustainably. Also plane travelers find the product more than worth it, because it allows them to carry shampoo in their hand luggage.

Shampop already won the competition as Small Business Project of Vlajo, and can represent our country in the international finals. Currently, the young entrepreneurs sell their shampoo tablets mainly online, but within two years they want to sell their product throughout the Benelux and expand the range across the entire cosmetics line. Think for example of “Shavepop“, “Washpop” and “Gelpop“. “With a simple product,” they say, “we contribute to reducing the waste mountain and give consumers the opportunity to reduce their ecological footprint without any significant effort.

More info : www.shampop.be