Latest Initiatives

Discover the bright idea of our members.


The revision of the lighting in Madelec results in a 12%…

Mecoms – treely relationship gifts

Five hundred trees, in cuttings of forty centimeters high.

Wood Architects – wooden office

Piet Kerckhof, Stefaan Tiberghin, Werner Roelants and…

Ferranti – the energy ride

The Antwerp-based company Ferranti has started a project to…

Be-LED – the power of LED-lighting

Lighting store Be-LED Waregem reduces their electricity use…

BOSS paints – green mobility

After calculating the CO2 footprint, mobility turned out to…

CRM Group – no more plastic bottles

The employees at CRM Group commit not to use plastic water… – goes paperless

All communication in the company, both internal and…

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Platform for CEO's who work towards a sustainable planet.

What is CEO's 4 Climate?

The aim of CEO’s 4 Climate, or short ‘C4C’ is to unite business managers who want to contribute to a sustainable climate.
Business leaders, in industry for example, often have a bad image when it comes to their ecological footprint.
Many of them want to prove that they too act ecologically conscious.

Initiatives for a sustainable future

The participants in C4C are expected to take small or large initiatives in their company with which they contribute to a more sustainable climate.

How we do it

The various initiatives are published on on our homepage to inspire other business managers. That way we can make a big difference in the long run.

Together we can make a difference.