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The revision of the lighting in Madelec results in a 12%…

Mecoms – treely relationship gifts

Five hundred trees, in cuttings of forty centimeters high.

Wood Architects – wooden office

Piet Kerckhof, Stefaan Tiberghin, Werner Roelants and…

Ferranti – the energy ride

The Antwerp-based company Ferranti has started a project to…

Be-LED – the power of LED-lighting

Lighting store Be-LED Waregem reduces their electricity use…

BOSS paints – green mobility

After calculating the CO2 footprint, mobility turned out to…

CRM Group – no more plastic bottles

The employees at CRM Group commit not to use plastic water… – goes paperless

All communication in the company, both internal and…

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We can’t ignore it any longer. Alarming reports about the climate have been daily news for a long time now. Politicians and interest groups have endless debates and are looking for solutions. However, we notice an emerging stream of initiatives and movements, and our Western society is at a turning point. Both companies and individuals are attempting to limit their ecological footprint. But sometimes it is difficult to see “the wood for the trees” and to take concrete action.


CEOs 4 Climate is a community of business leaders who want to contribute to ecological entrepreneurship with a focus on the result. CEOs 4 Climate (C4C) will raise the relevant themes and link them to specific business-oriented solutions. It is always about a "win-win-win" for the company, for the environment & climate and for the end customer.
The real change can come from the business world!


Every year we organize various keynote speaker events throughout the country. Recommendations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the European Environment Agency, and the Institute for Agricultural Fisheries and Food Research (ILVO) are processed into concrete recommendations. We present these recommendations, in collaboration with local politics and scientists, to companies that can get business out of it.

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