Willemijn Wortelboer and her husband founded RAW Paints in 2015. They have the no small ambition to change the paint sector and make it a lot more sustainable. With RAW Paints they show that producing paint is also possible in a much less harmful way for the environment. Classic water-based paint consists of up to 60 percent water. The production of 1 litre of paint usually results in 40 litres of waste water. This has to be purified and that costs a lot of energy. But RAW Paints does not use any water at all for the production of its paint. It works with a powder that, by adding a small amount of water on site, produces a quality paint for walls. In various interviews, the managers of RAW Paints let it be known that, partly because so many people are sitting at home due to the corona crisis, they are inundated with questions. They hope that this is a new signal of increased consumer awareness.

According to Willemijn Wortelboer, the current momentum offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to switch to a value-driven economy. RAW Paints wants to make a difference by working together with partners who may still be competitors. Meanwhile, RAW Paints is also trying to convince potential clients in Spain, Croatia, Brazil and South Korea. America and the Middle East would have shown interest as well.

More info : www.rawpaints.com