Waregem | Saturday afternoon the first live Climate Café of CEOs 4 Climate took place. The network of climate-conscious entrepreneurs brought Minister Zuhal Demir and South Pole to Waregem for an inspiring networking afternoon. Some innovative start-ups, built from a sustainable vision and strategy, were also present. This immediately set the tone for the upcoming events of this growing initiative.

In the CRM Group buildings in Waregem, where CEO’s 4 Climate is located, many entrepreneurs and politicians came together to meet other entrepreneurs and inspire each other. Everyone wants to commit to the climate and the future, but how do you tackle this concretely as a company? With a political framework that enables and promotes that sustainable business, with a 5 step climate journey to carbon neutrality, a green and efficient business mobility or in daily operations. The members of CEOs 4 Climate are doers who see in the climate problem an opportunity to provide solutions. This event covered all the elements to take the next step in their sustainable transition.

Zuhal Demir supports sustainable business initiatives

“We can make a lot of plans from Brussels, but ultimately it has to happen on the ground and at the companies. Initiatives like today prove that many Flemish companies are already working hard to reduce their impact on the climate and on our environment. Not surprisingly, some Flemish sectors are already among the most efficient in Europe. For example, Flanders was recently named by the OECD as one of the best performing regions in terms of recycling and reuse. Entrepreneurs can count on me to create an efficient framework so that they can take full responsibility in the transition we need to make as a society. Without an auction of percentages on paper, but with concrete measures on the ground,” said Flemish Minister of Environment and Energy Zuhal Demir.

To measure is to know

The presentation by South Pole and the minister also made it clear that we should not only set objectives, but also follow them up. Intermediate analyses allow us to move faster in order to reach the set goal. In this way, not only ambitions are achieved, but the change is also effective. South Pole has therefore drawn up a 5-step Climate Journey that companies can use to realize their sustainable ambitions.

Christiaan Gevers Deynoot explains: “The journey for companies starts with measuring the risks and the current footprint in order to draw up a roadmap and concrete targets on that basis. Then the companies can get to work on reducing their footprint. Step 4 deals with the financial part to then come to communication and evaluation of the steps taken.”

Innovation and health

In addition to major investments and projects, companies should also include all other aspects of business in their sustainability strategy. This was covered during the event when start-ups SiMS Mobility, Shop 4 Climate, CRM Care and Chup Fitness were presented. Healthy employees in a healthy business environment are also part of our sustainable future. Pushing a sustainable mindset and purchasing policy into daily operations with mobility solutions for employees or corporate gifts you give to customers. CEO’s 4 Climate also highlighted these initiatives during the Climate Café. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)