“The problems of today (17.06.2020) cannot be avoided.” according to Roland Maes. Unemployment is increasing dramatically and companies are either reducing their investments or adopting a wait-and-see attitude, despite the government’s rescue plans. The consequences can be guessed at. Chances are that this will lead to hyperinflation with a vicious circle of increasing unemployment, impoverishment of the population, social inequality, etc.”.

Whoever poses a problem must also dare to come up with a solution. That is why Roland proposes a WIN-WIN-WIN solution in which the savings (which are currently being hoarded because of the corona crisis) are compulsorily invested in companies that invest and do business sustainably. This is the only way to obtain a win for the government, a win for the citizen, a win for sustainable companies and a win for the environment.

A more extensive article on this vision can be read today via Made In West Flanders.

Roland Maes pleit voor dringende win-win-win-win constructie