2021 will undoubtedly be a year in which sustainability will be placed even higher on the agenda. January is the best moment to take decisions based on good intentions. That’s why we also propose 5 good and especially sustainable resolutions for your company.

1. Fleet electrification

Greening the vehicle fleet by 2026 is one of the Belgian government’s measures to achieve climate targets. A combination of interesting tax benefits and an ever-expanding range of electrified vehicles offers many opportunities for companies. Moreover, the Flemish government aims to have at least 1 charging point for electric cars per 100 inhabitants by 2030.

Curious about the benefits of ‘greening’ your fleet? Come and take a look at our EV drivers event on the 18th, 19th  and 20th of June.

2. Smart use of energy

Map your energy consumption and see how you can reduce energy consumption with innovations and awareness. Perhaps there is even a possibility to generate your own green energy at your business park.

Using this free calculator, you can calculate the CO2 footprint of your company in no time.

3. Focus on CO2 compensation

Customers increasingly attach importance to companies that are committed to the climate and the environment. Together we contribute to achieving the 2030 targets in terms of CO2 emissions. In addition to reducing, you can also compensate for the non-reducible CO2 emissions and thus make your company CO2 neutral (or CO2 positive).

4. Product-as-a-service as an accelerator for the circular economy

Many companies are thinking about cradle-to-cradle, production in which no raw materials get wasted and products can be recycled. A never-ending product lifecycle in which old products serve as raw materials for new products and can always be reused.

But this is not always possible, another solution could be to make very qualitative products and sell a service that is aimed at the maintenance and extra service added to the products made. The products are recycled or refurbished after a rental period and put back on the market. Products last longer and are less likely to end up in the waste mountain.

5. Innovation as the key to success

Entrepreneurs can make a difference by focusing on innovation and new methods, thinking processes, work processes,… with the right network, partnerships can lead to an important evolution.

So anyone who is not yet a member of the CEOs 4 Climate community knows what to do!