At the tenth edition of the Gentrepreneur Awards several young entrepreneurs were awarded. What is striking about all of them is the great attention paid to climate and the environment. This is also the case for Maybritt Devriese and Ruslan Podgaetskiy who, with their little company Davai, were awarded the “Geduchte Grower” prize.  Since their early years as students, they have been working with homemade vegan dumplings as an alternative to meat.

They baked those dumplings – poached flour balls or dumplings with a filling – in their own kitchen and brought them around by bike. But last year they were already able to put distribution chains such as Bioplanet, Proxy Delhaize, Ohne and dozens of independent retailers on their customer list. They already produce thousands of dumplings per month and each consumption means less meat consumption and therefore has a positive impact on the climate.

Davai is Russian for ‘let’s go’ and the two young managers do not hide their ambition. They actually want to sell their products all over the world and be a source of inspiration for all entrepreneurs who realize that things have to change, but who do not always understand that making a profit and being committed at the same time can make the world go together.

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