On that basis, CEO’s 4 Climate donates 24,000 certified surgical mouth masks to independent home nurses.

These are handed over to the home care workers, and more specifically to the Circle of Independent Home Nurses of South West Flanders.

Roland Maes

Photo : Initiator Roland Maes

With the platform CEO’s 4 Climate, Roland Maes – CEO of the Waregem IT consultancy company CRM Group- wants to play a role in sensitizing the business world to a better climate. The initial kick-off meeting (dd 31 March) was postponed to a later date. But Roland Maes continues to enthusiastically take on the role of a gooder.

Now he took a founding initiative for a group that really needs it: the home carers. The homecare workers, a group that deserves the deepest possible bow, were already asking for sufficient protective mouth masks in this crisis.

With his community CEO’s 4 Climate, Maes has convinced many like-minded people to think along with him about what can be done better and to help where possible. This has already led to a concrete result. The movement of entrepreneurs, who dream of and want to contribute to a better other world, managed to scrape together no less than 24,000 certified surgical mouth masks. “The delivery was made possible through the informal network of one of my account managers in the Middle East,” says the ever dynamic Roland Maes.