Piet Kerckhof, Stefaan Tiberghin, Werner Roelants and Monica Cardoso are the “Wood Architects”. They have been working with wood for both construction and finishing for decades. The aim is to bundle the complementary strengths of the different architects in order to provide a powerful answer to the challenges of climate change.

Since 2013 they work exclusively on timber construction projects. The architectural office strives for a minimal ecological footprint in all its projects, its mobility and its habitat.

Needless to say, sustainability, ecology, energy efficiency and waste reduction are important criteria for our architecture. To meet these standards, Wood Architects has chosen the full card for CLT (cross laminated timber, i.e. solid wood panels). This construction method is on the rise worldwide, with increasing demands in Belgium due to the EPB regulations, the chronic shortage of well-trained workers in the construction sector and circular construction economy.

Companies can make a statement with a creative and ecological office and boost their public image. A win-win for the company and the climate. Wood Architectures is clearly convinced that CLT is the ultimate answer on the road to a sustainable society with full respect for the climate. The common thread through our architecture is:

– Sustainable water management by re-using rainwater, delayed drainage through green roofs and infiltration
– Energy efficiency through thoughtful techniques, avoiding air conditioners through overheating control, heat pumps as an energy source, designs according to PHPP standard
– Well-considered choice of materials with a small ecological footprint, for extraction, production and waste processing
– Maximum storage of CO², by using wood products for both construction and finishing.