Toptechnics, a Limburg company specialising in floor, wall and ceiling air-conditioning for private and industrial projects, is convinced that small companies can also make an important contribution to the circular economy.

For example, it has already decided to turn discarded pallets into key rings. Now Toptechnics announced a cooperation agreement with the Italian company Ecopixel from Turin. That company will collect the discarded plastic tubes used for underfloor heating from the Limburg installer and process them in Turin into plastic granules that are used in modern furniture. Ecopixel is also a co-creation of the Italian producer Claudio Milioto and the Belgian designer Jan Puylaert, who can look back on an impressive track record in the Italian furniture industry.

Both have tried from the beginning in their work to design and produce with respect for nature, using recyclable materials as much as possible. And in the next phase they want to re-use that recycled material in order to limit the use of plastic as much as possible.

Infinite recyclability is Ecopixel’s motto. According to Claudio Milioto and Jan Puylaert, it is important to try to see all products as “an infinite amount of material that can be reused for something else”.

The plastic tubes from Toptechnics are a good example of this.

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