Power Ledger is a fast-growing Australian tech startup that has developed a world first in the field of energy trading.

The company wants to use blockchain technology to make the energy markets more efficient and, above all, much more sustainable and to reward people who abandon fossil energy sources. After all, they can use the energy trading software to buy and sell electricity in real time at the best possible price. Power Ledger combines a number of classic market principles with innovative insights to make the world a better place.

Those who have solar panels can use Power Ledger’s platform to sell surplus energy to their neighbours. Just like when trading shares on a stock exchange, users of the software can set buying and selling prices so that they get the best possible price for their energy. The purchases and sales are made in a proprietary crypto currency that can easily be converted into Australian dollars. Power Ledger has a big ambition: it wants to provide communities all over the world with cheap, reliable and sustainable energy, by allowing households to choose where their electricity comes from and to trade it themselves instead of having it supplied by the big companies. Anyone who already generates surplus electricity with solar panels will receive a small fee for this, but will then not know where the green electricity will go. Power Ledger goes a step further and has developed software that allows families to decide for themselves to whom they sell their surplus and at what price.

The company is led by the brilliant economist Jenna Green who for years has earned her spurs in the top of the financial sector in London, more specifically at JP Morgan where she became the voice of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the banking business.  She then became a researcher at Curtin University, was Vice-Mayor of Perth, set up the first non-fossil fuel pension fund and served on numerous boards committed to sustainable business, including Carbon Tracker and Climate-KIC Australia.

In 2018, Jemma became EY Fintech Entrepreneur of the Year. Power Ledger also focuses on realising charging points for electric cars and developing tools that provide a clearer view of power consumption. Gradually, we will probably hear a lot more about the company in Europe as well. For example, Power Ledger has already entered into a partnership with the French green energy supplier ekWateur so that customers can choose the type of renewable energy they want to use thanks to blockchain.

More info : www.powerledger.io; www.ekwateur.fr