Last week, our member Locquet Power & Light was in the press thanks to their partnership with Waregem Koerse. 🏇🏼

Waregem Koerse, like other big events, needs a lot of energy during a short period of time.  The kitchens of the VIP tents, LED walls, drinks and gambling tents, temporary light towers all together require more power than is available on site. To supply this energy, it is working with Locquet Power & Light which specializes in temporary power and lighting.  Traditionally, diesel generators have been used for this purpose.

The organization of Waregem Koerse wants to reduce the ecological footprint of its event and to this end challenges its suppliers to look for ecological solutions. As sustainability partner for the event, TVH Equipment and Locquet Power & Light are developing a first for this purpose:  A mobile charging station for the electric gators.

With a battery system and mobile solar frames, solar energy is stored during the day to recharge the vehicles at night.  An application for which otherwise a diesel generator was running continuously! The hybrid energy here reduces CO2 emissions by 80% and has the advantage that no noise is produced at night to power the gators.


To measure is to know

To enable further sustainability of power supply, Locquet Power & Light also provides full monitoring of current energy demand.  All diesel generators’ consumption is mapped so that a better and therefore greener solution is possible for future editions.  Waregem Koerse is ready for the future!


Locquet Power & Light, pioneer in hybrid power supply with battery packs.

For 5 generations Locquet power & Light has been supplying power with diesel generators for fixed installations in industry or temporarily on construction sites and events.  The fleet of 700 diesel generators and light towers can be found everywhere in Belgium where there is no fixed grid connection. In order to avoid noise and emissions, Locquet has designed its own range of quiet and economical generators.

As a trendsetter, Locquet is betting on alternatives with hydrogen and battery systems. Already in 2015, part of Tomorrowland’s campsite was equipped with a hybrid power supply with battery, generator and solar panels.  An experience that in recent years has been increasingly developed into a product ready for applications in construction.


Green energy at events

An event requires a lot of energy. Since a 400V grid connection with sufficient power is not always possible, diesel generators are used. Engines that run 24/24 with some noise and emissions.

With the eco² Hybrid range, Locquet is developing an ecological AND economical solution for this: a battery system is installed next to the generator.  The battery system is recharged by mobile solar frames or at the ideal efficiency of a diesel generator.  Thanks to smart battery management, the transition from generator to battery power happens completely automatically and without any downtime.