Our mission

C4C aims to inspire and show other entrepreneurs how they can combat global warming and climate change via their businesses.

C4C would like to demonstrate to business people that combating climate change strengthens their businesses.

C4C would like to show which instruments business people expect from the government in order to turn the tide on climate change.

Our vision

Climate change is a huge, global threat which impacts everything and everybody. That includes us and our economy. Nevertheless, the problem can still be solved.

We already have the resources necessary to take the first, important steps. And these steps are entirely feasible. C4C believes that business people play an important, positive role in climate change.

Because business people turn threats into opportunities. Because business people are go-getters, even when the going gets tough.

Do you want to find out, with other business people and experts, how you could make a difference with your company? 

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