The Frisian collection and disposal company Omrin – the Frisian word for “cycle” – is committed to recovering and recycling as many raw materials as possible from waste. The slogan with which the company profiles itself is “Together we’ll get everything out of it”.

For this leader in the circular economy, which was proclaimed the most sustainable enterprise in the Netherlands in 2019, all the waste is valuable. Director John Vernooij points out that his company’s goal is to minimize the amount of waste in the incinerator, because waste contains a lot of raw materials and energy. For example, Omrin uses food waste to produce biogas. For Omrin, the waste processing of 800,000 households in the north of the Netherlands is therefore primarily about collecting as many raw materials as possible. It is the firm conviction of director Vernooij and his team that the waste sector can play a pioneering role in the circular economy.

Omrin put his money where his mouth is by opening the Recycle Boulevard in Leeuwarden. It is at the same time a thrift shop, a workshop, a learning environment and a place for sustainable pop-up shops where students of the furniture design course, for example, come up with new functions for rejected items and where people who find it difficult to get a job in the normal work circuit can follow a work path. Omrin is constantly looking for as many collaborations as possible in order to make progress in the fight for a better environment.

When the company found that the fact that some plastics are more difficult to recycle than others because a specific composition was chosen in the product design, it did not hesitate to contact the designers to look at possible alternatives. Because cooperation is so important, Omrin, together with 24 other parties, also started the Association Circular Friesland, among other things in order to save more energy.

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