With CEOs 4 Climate, we realize very well that in the fight against climate change we need everyone.

This means not only CEOs of small and large companies, but also everyone who bears responsibility and makes decisions in public services. Urban renewal is also an important pillar for actually tackling the climate problem. That is why we like to look at cities that take the lead in this area. In a recent study Geneva was mentioned as one of the best cities to live in for “digital nomads”. The Swiss city is therefore strongly committed to innovation that takes full account of the climate challenges. With the renewal of the industrial district of La Praille, the city council is now taking up the challenge of “making the city of the 21ste century”, which offers plenty of answers to global warming. Generously proportioned public spaces, lots of greenery, parks and water are central to this. Pedestrians and cyclists will have priority over cars, and by digging out the damped watercourses, the Drize and the Aire will once again flow through the city.  The opening up of these rivers in Geneva is part of a real urban development project that is not only pleasant for the residents, but also provides a better living environment. By banning the car from the city as much as possible, the air quality will improve considerably. The entire redevelopment of the district also means that a number of companies will no longer be able to have their offices there, but the city council is working with these companies to find the best solutions for them. Like Zurich and Copenhagen, Geneva wants to set a good example in terms of urban renewal with a vision for the future. Long-term thinking is important here. Copenhagen, for example, is constructing a metro line to districts yet to be developed. This is a forward-looking approach that demonstrates a clear vision of sustainable development. No wonder that 65% of journeys in the Danish capital are made by bicycle. The long-term vision needed to tackle urban renewal thoroughly and soundly is also manifestly present in Geneva. This is also evident in the construction of very large green zones. But thinking about the future goes much further than that. Geneva, for example, is also taking action to convince young foreigners, who are clever minds, to come and live in Geneva to develop their careers there. After all, the more knowledge there is in a city, the more opportunities there are to put the sustainability objectives into practice.

More info : www.geneve.ch