Our mission

C4C wants to inspire and show other entrepreneurs how their businesses can combat global warming.

C4C wants to show entrepreneurs that fighting global warming makes their business stronger.

C4C wants to indicate what instruments entrepreneurs expect from the government to reverse climate change.

Our vision

Global warming is a major and worldwide threat that impacts everything and everyone. That includes us and our economy.

Still, the problem is solvable. The means to take those vital first steps are available. And those steps are feasible. C4C believes that entrepreneurs play an important, positive role in climate change.

Because entrepreneurs convert threats into opportunities. Because entrepreneurs are go-getters, even when the going is tough.

How does C4C work?

National and local meetings with independent advisory board.

During national and local meetings with keynote speakers and panel discussions, we keep our members informed about important scientific and technological evolutions throughout the year. We always let a renowned expert or organization in the environmental, climate or health sector speak about a relevant theme (eg mobility, energy, water supply, health, circular economy…).

Our independent advisory board , consisting of scientists, technology researchers and ethicists, assesses the (nationally) formulated ideas and recommendations in terms of ecological footprint and feasibility. In doing so, they always take the socio-economic situation into account.

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The consumer app

At the end of this year, CEO’s 4 Climate will release an app for consumers. Thanks to this app, a user will be able to search for the most ecologically conscious solution in just a few steps. We offer complete and impartial information and take into account the user’s personal characteristics.

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Independent Advisory Board

We established an independent advisory board independent of any financial interest. This council consists of scientists, ethicists
and technology researchers. They look at the ecological footprint of the recommendations, monitor their impact and assess their feasibility.

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CEO’s 4 Climate offers various opportunities for participating companies to create strong visibility. CEO’s 4 Climate comes to the fore as a community in many ways. In addition to the content platform and the consumer app, they are very passionate about marketing.

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