Five hundred trees, in cuttings of forty centimeters high. With this, MECOMS surprised its customers and prospects from the energy and utility sector. “Good for twenty kilos of compensated CO² per adult tree”, educates senior marketing consultant Michel Delvaux us enthusiastically. “The thought behind it? The lasting relationship that we want to develop with each of our partners.”

“We started out with a seed and ended up with a tree,” Delvaux says with a smile. “It sounds a bit Bible-like, but that is how it really went. Because our first idea was to send our customers a seed of a sunflower. We wanted something different than the obligatory annual gift, which would just end up in the trash can. There, we thought of something interactive and sustainable. A living gift that could symbolize the lasting relationship that we want to develop with our customers and prospects.”

It is a gift the way you like to open them on your birthday: a fancily wrapped box with the treasure inside as well as a lot of nice attributes: a nutrition tablet, a small shovel and a few accessories to professionally get the sprout into the ground, a manual which tells you how to plant and care for the tree, and last but not least a message: “Let’s work on the future together. We deliver the tree, you provide the H2O.” And then to finish it with a rhyme: “Like our cooperation, watch me grow.”