After becoming a vegan, Winter Romanov-Hynes and his wife Maria discovered that organic and vegetable food is still very often wrapped in plastic and too often in non-recyclable plastic. In 2019, the couple moved from Ireland to Amsterdam and opened the doors of Little Plant Pantry, a packaging-free, vegetable and organic store. The concept is as simple as it gets: all vegan food is sold packaging-free to consumers who either bring their own cans or boxes or use them from the store. The shop also cooperates as much as possible with local artisan producers, all the more so because it is easier for them to deliver in bulk.  To give people a taste of how varied and tasty the vegetable kitchen is, Little Plant Pantry is also the place to be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

According to the couple Romanov-Hynes they can get acquainted with “grandma’s kitchen in a vegan way”. Consumers who become convinced do not pay more in the end than through the classic system. Choosing this way of life only takes a little more time and creativity, but it can help to create a food system that is just for all the inhabitants of the planet. Littel Plant Pantry prefers not to call itself a “zero waste” shop because, according to the owners, there is always room to take even more steps in the right direction in co-creation with suppliers and customers.

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