Green Deal road transport

Green Deal road transport

As real doers, CEOs 4 Climate wants to bring about effective sustainable change. Within the theme of sustainable mobility we are working on a Green Deal to bring entrepreneurs and government together to put green hydrogen & EV as a solution to our climate and mobility problem on the map. How we approach that can be followed below.

The track

7 dec ’21

Info evening hydrogen

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, the information evening about hydrogen as a fuel and the hydrogen covenant took place in the W-Box in Waregem. During this event, experts spoke about what hydrogen is and what solutions it offers for the mobility of the future. The ideal stepping stone to also discuss the plans of CEOs 4 Climate to start a covenant for the 1st hydrogen filling station in South-West Flanders.

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15 dec ’21

Submit application ETF

To make the covenant and the operation of hydrogen filling stations in Flanders possible, we are appealing for European financial support from the European Transition Fund. This subsidy provides from the European Green Deal budgets for specific projects related to sustainable projects in various fields such as green energy and sustainable mobility via hydrogen.

10 mrt ’22

Start Flanders Green Deal to Sustainable Mobility

After the general information evening, we will now concretely start working out the next steps and writing a Green Deal and a partnership: Flanders Green Deal to Sustainable Mobility. Together with investors, suppliers, potential users and other partners, the expectations, the interpretation of everyone’s commitment and the plan of approach will be discussed. During this event, the practical aspect will also be addressed with a demo of the electrolyzer on the site of Vives Hogeschool.

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april 2022

Start up working and steering groups

Starting up the working and steering groups in which the objectives are converted into actions and input is obtained from the various cooperating parties.

30 juni 2022

How to reduce CO2 in transportation?

Continued events on Thursday, June 30 at the W-Box (Waregem Expo).

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juli & augustus 2022

Together with CEOs 4 Climate towards the electrification of your company fleet.

During this follow-up meeting, we’ll look in detail at how best to approach the conversion, what the costs are, but more importantly, how many financial benefits it will bring.

september 2022

Signing covenant


Realization of first gas station

Expected opening and commissioning. Together with various partners, the operation of the first hydrogen refueling station in South-West Flanders will be made possible.


The covenant is widely supported and anchored by various stakeholders: governments, initiators, experts and knowledge institutions, suppliers, investors, but above all potential users. They form the basis for the success of the further expansion of the established objectives and actions.

Benefits for investors, users, partners

You are the first to know about every new step in the journey and take advantage of the resulting benefits. You are a forerunner and in this way set the lines for the future of your company. Throughout the project you will come into contact with like-minded entrepreneurs who also see advantages in using hydrogen for sustainable transport.

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