From the end of next winter, cafes and restaurants in France will no longer be allowed to have heating on their terraces. With this, the French Minister of the Environment Barbara Pompili wants to initiate a change in behaviour and tackle the climate in the French streets.

It is only one proposal from a list of climate changes from a citizens’ convention. Also heating and air conditioning of shops are on the list. It does not make sense for shops to have their doors wide open and meanwhile heating or cooling systems are running at full speed and all that energy is lost.

Pompili puts the environment first instead of the enjoyment and convenience of customers in cafés and shopping streets.
Calculations by the environmental movement Negawatt show that the Parisian terraces alone produce CO2 emissions equivalent to those of a new car travelling 120,000 kilometres.

The stoves and burners on gas or electricity heat the outside air, which is totally useless. Minister Pompili speaks of an “ecological error that leads to completely unjustified use of energy”. In Belgium, the problem is also starting to dawn and in Ghent, for example, an extra terrace tax is already levied for those who install a patio heater.