The community CEO’s 4 Climate was founded this year by the West Flemish entrepreneur Roland Maes and wants to encourage entrepreneurs to do sustainable business. CEO’s 4 Climate has the ambition to spread that message as widely as possible, also among the young generation and across all borders.

Roland Maes therefore signed this week a strategic cooperation agreement with Plan International Belgium, the children’s rights organisation that works worldwide to give 100 million girls the chance to go to school and receive an education. Through this partnership, Plan International Belgium will be able to recruit a sustainability expert who will map out the impact of climate change on young people (and more specifically girls).

The power of entrepreneurs

“It is clear that the corona crisis will leave deep economic scars. Getting the economy back on track will require a lot of leadership and vision. And no one is better able to do that than the entrepreneurs themselves,” says Roland Maes, owner of CRM Group and initiator of CEO’s 4 Climate. “Because entrepreneurship could also be defined as solving a chain of crises. At the same time, entrepreneurship is also anticipation. CEO’s 4 Climate was set up to use the combined strength of many entrepreneurs to take a truly proactive approach to tackling the climate issue and thus perpetuate the future of our economy and society.

In a globalised world, we also need as much expertise as possible. That is why we have decided to become a structural partner of Plan International Belgium. The more girls around the world are given the opportunity to study, the larger the talent pool will be, for example, to permanently take decisions in the business world that are good for people and the planet, while at the same time having an eye for prosperity, wellbeing and well-being”.

Roland Maes, initiator CEO’s 4 Climate
and Jochem Roels, Corporate Director Plan International Belgium

The power of female talent

Plan International defends children’s rights and equal opportunities for girls in more than 77 countries. Climate change has an indirect impact on the existing inequalities between boys and girls. This puts the right to education and protection under pressure. For example, girls are not allowed to go to school when their family has fewer resources due to the prolonged drought. A natural disaster also increases the risk of child marriages and teenage pregnancies. When families flee the consequences of climate change, they often stay in refugee camps. Girls grow up in an unsafe environment, which increases the risk of psychological and sexual violence.

Together with local organisations and governments, Plan International focuses on quality education so that children learn about the consequences of climate change. They learn how to adapt and think about innovative solutions. As a result, children dare to make their voices heard about something that will determine their future.

Lately, Jacinda Ardern, Sanna Marin and Katrin Jakobsdottir, the young female prime ministers of New Zealand, Finland and Iceland, among others, have proven how powerful female talent can be. “A just world stands or falls with respect for the rights of girls and women,” says Jochem Roels, Corporate Director Plan International Belgium. “We are delighted that CEO 4 Climate is well aware of the power of female talent and the impact of climate change on the lives of girls around the world. The major challenges the world faces in terms of climate and social inequality can only be met if we work together in all possible areas”.

Over Plan International Belgium

Plan International Belgium is an independent Belgian NGO member of Plan International and defends equal rights for girls and women. The main objective is to give 100 million girls the chance to go to school or get an education, to take on leadership roles and to make their own choices about their lives and their bodies.

More info at www.planinternational. be of or Marielaure De Brauwer, corporate account manager Plan International Belgium (


About CEO’s 4 Climate

CEO’s 4 Climate is a community and information platform for entrepreneurs working towards a sustainable future. It is the gathering point for Belgian and international CEOs who are aware of the climate issue and who are taking measures around sustainable development in their own company in order to permanently go hand in hand “better for me” and “better for the world”.

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