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South Pole: Implant the European Green Deal in your climate strategy

Our CEOs 4 Climate partner, South Pole, supports companies…

CEOs 4 Climate becomes strategic partner of Plan International

The power of entrepreneurs can make the difference for a…

A WIN-WIN-WIN construction for a sustainable future post corona.

Savings should be required to be invested in companies that…

Studio C4C goes live and brings Herman Toch to the camera

Today, May 20, 2020, we open the doors of Studio C4C, our…

The launch event will take place on the 15th of September 2020.

The launch event will be moved to early September 2020

Independent care providers South West Flanders on the road with mouth masks donated by CEO’s 4 Climate

It's good to see that our mouth masks have turned out well…

Roland Maes

CEO’s 4 Climate not only takes care of the climate, but also of the caregivers.

That is why Ceo's 4 Climate donates 24,000 certified…


The launch event will be moved to early September 2020


We want to build a real community.

Made in West-Vlaanderen

Entrepreneur Roland Maes, CEO of the dynamic IT company CRM…

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