SP Group, one of the largest energy companies in Southeast Asia, recently launched My Carbon Footprint a new calculator that enables consumers to quickly see their carbon footprint. The tool also gives consumers instant tips on behavioural change that can help reduce their footprint. This will also be necessary because although experts expect global CO2 emissions to be 5.5 percent lower this year than in 2020 as a result of the drastic reduction in human activity during the Corona pandemic, if we leave things as they are, this will not be enough to meet the Paris agreement target of limiting temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius.

On average, each inhabitant of Singapore emits more than 8 tonnes of CO² annually, more than double the global average and more than four times what would be good for achieving long-term climate ambitions. For every inhabitant of Singapore, 400 trees are currently still needed to offset the impact of those emissions on the environment.  SP is now convinced that the calculator, which compares the daily activities of its users, will make the inhabitants of the city-state think more. The launch comes at a good time, according to SG, because many people have now become more aware of the ways in which they can improve their behaviour to combat global warming as a result of corona quarantine. Among other things, the app advises users to opt for more frequent use of natural ventilation instead of airdoncitioning to reduce heat and shower for less time. These are the known behavioural changes that anyone can apply and that may not have such a big impact on themselves, but which, according to the saying “many little ones make a big one” can also bring about change. Also with CEOs4Climate we want to fully respond to this behavioral change, driven by as many companies as possible.

More info : https://www.spgroup.com.sg/home