The CEO’s 4 Climate consumer app

The app helps consumers to make conscious choices!

CEO’s 4 Climate is developing an open platform, in the form of a consumer app that offers independent, transparent and objective information on the most climate-friendly solutions. These solutions are provided by participants of our C4C community.

Predefined parameters such as the level of sustainability, price and feasibility determine the offer.

Why an app for consumers?

Consumers are very willing to opt for sustainable climate-friendly solutions. But what exactly is the right solution? They often find a lot of fragmented information from different sources, and unfortunately that information contradicts each other.

Sometimes too few criteria are taken into account. The location, the budget, the feasibility, etc. In short, the consumer no longer sees the wood for the trees and keeps to the known solutions.

Finding the climate conscious solution in the blink of an eye!

Thanks to the CEO’s 4 Climate app, a consumer will be able to look for the most ecologically conscious solution in just a few steps. We offer complete and impartial information and take into account the user’s personal characteristics. Of course, not everyone is equally climate-friendly with the same solution.

On the basis of predetermined parameters – such as the level of sustainability, the price, the feasibility and the location – an offer is built up. These products and services are provided by the participants of our C4C community. In this way we stimulate our own local economy.