The real change can come from the business world!

National and local events

Let’s come together. Learn form our keynote speakers and receive recommendations for sustainable business. Broaden your network and connect with like-minded CEO’s. Share experiences with other members of CEO’s 4 Climate and get inspired.

Promotions & Group Purchases

Enjoy discounts from our sustainable suppliers through group purchases. By buying bigger amounts, a bigger ecological difference is made.

Positive Image & Visibility

Sustainable entrepeneurship always has a positive connotation and makes your business more attractive for employees and especially potential clients. Did you know studies tell us that profit can rise from 3 to 7 percent for companies with sustainable policy?

Profit & Learning

Experience how your business can be sustainable and profitable at the same time. Learn from keynote speakers during our events and learn how you can get profit out of sustainable initiatives.

People, Planet & Prosperity

Take responsibility with your company and provide a future for its business in a sustainable manner. By doing so, motivation is raised amongst the employees and partners to follow the example and contribute to the prosperity of our planet.

Roland Maes, CEO of CRM Group, was raised with love for nature. If you visit the company, it’s obvious; you immediately notice the roses around the building, the fish in the pond and the birds at the entrance. Recently CRM Group started multiple initiatives to grow a sustainable business: paperless policy, filtered water taps, replacing all plastic bottles by reusable water bottles… Roland noticed that they were not only sustainable initiatives, but also profitable! That’s why he wants to inspire other CEO’s to take action.

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Launch: 31 March 2020

Gella vandecaveye is an example of perseverance and willpower. She also bravely overcame serious setbacks. That makes her a real winner.
It is precisely with this attitude that CEOs 4 Climate wants to commit to the climate and the future, with Gella as ambassador.

CEO's 4 climate Initiators

The photo shows initiator Roland Maes, and Marijn Devalck (Godfather of the project).
Roland Maes (CEO at CRM Group in Waregem) devised and created the project together with his daughter Kelly Maes.

Big Launch: 30 March 2020

Our keynote speakers from the business, scientific, sports and political world give you surprising “insights” and “food for thought” that lead to concrete actions that will benefit you as a company.

Be there at our launch in the Ghelamco Arena in Ghent on Tuesday 31 March from 9 to 12, followed by “walking dinner” and networking opportunities.


This CEO builds a community of companies that set up climate actions: “The consumer no longer takes it for granted that you do nothing”

We want to build a real community of all companies that set up smart, profitable climate actions

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Made in West-Vlaanderen

To say it with Bob Dylan in the wonderful Working Men Blues: “You can hang back or fight your best at the frontline.”

Entrepreneur Roland Maes, CEO of the dynamic IT company CRM Group has already opted for the latter option to do something about the environment.

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