After calculating the CO2 footprint, mobility turned out to be the theme BOSS paints can make the most progress. They took 3 actions:

Greening of the fleet: already 20 diesel cars have been replaced by new cars with cleaner fuel: CNG (11 cars) and electricity (9 cars). We now have a total of 10 charging points on 2 company sites and, if necessary, also install a charging station at the employee’s home.

Mobility Week twice a year: an awareness campaign of 1 week, when employees are additionally encouraged to travel in a sustainable manner. Whoever cycles, carpools, uses public transport or simply works at home, receives a raffle ticket a day. 15 colleagues will go home on Friday with a great prize.

Extra rewarding of good behavior: employees commuting by bicycle not only receive a bicycle allowance, thanks to our system with extra incentives, they also receive “wielekes” (wheel-coins). They can use these wheel-coins as a means of payment for free maintenance and repair of their bikes or save them for a voucher at sports chain Decathlon or AS Adventure.

Read their full sustainability report here.